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Bryce Hall and the Island Boys Might Box... and It's Our Fault!?

Over the last few weeks, one of our favorite new TikTok games over at the Makeshift Project has been guess the celebrity's net worth. We've had superstars like Lil Baby respond to us before, but never has one of our videos caused more of a chain reaction than this one here:

Two innocent days ago, Zach guessed that the Island Boys are worth a respectable $800k, but overshot it a bit since they're only worth around $200k (still a lot given that they literally don't do anything). Source at TechieGamers

Well, you're never going to guess who was not a fan of that.... correct, Mark Cuban. Jokes aside, safe to say we were a bit surprised to be DM'd (they didn't answer us back) AND duetted by Flyysoulja himself, providing a really well spoken rebuttal by making shocked faces and moving his hand up and down after hearing Google says he's only worth $200k.

Then, not to be forgotten, BRYCE HALL, who was also a part of the original video, commented on the post "i can guarantee double your net worth for a boxing match?" leading to quite possibly the most insane combination of words the English language has ever seen from the Island Boys along with demands that Bryce gets THREE face tattoos if he really wants to box them. Because as Flyysoulja says himself - "it's not my fault that my image looks a part and yours doesn't, the numbers are just gonna pfttt."

All we have to say to this is..... SIGN US UP! Bryce Hall vs The Island Boys, Antonio Brown vs One of the Paul Brothers, and Makeshift Zach vs Makeshift Brian!? 2022 is already off to a crazy start...

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