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We create content for the sake of creating.

The Makeshift Project is a Social Media Brand that wants to encourage all of our viewers to step out of their comfort zone. We want our audience to make that YouTube channel or create that brand that you have always been wanting to do


We’ve been wanting to create content for so long now but have never followed through with our ideas

We decided it was time for us to stop just saying, and to start doing. So, this is us following through. This is, “The Makeshift Project”

About the Makeshift Project

Who Are We?

Brian and Zach first met when they were in 1st grade and have been best friends ever since!

They grew up hanging out, playing sports, and creating videos at every chance they got


After talking about creating content for what seemed like forever, they finally decided to stop saying and start doing, and that is how The Makeshift Project got started 



About Us


A full time videographer, Brian loves to film and edit content. In his free time he likes to play basketball, surf, and be creative in any aspect of his life. He is a Giants, Nets, Yankees, and Rangers fan

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A lifelong sports fan, Zach is a Mets, Knicks, and Dolphins fan. In his free time he likes to play golf and basketball. He also likes to create music for fun and help others achieve their goals

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