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The war is over - the good guys have won.

After spending the last year and change on strike, the MSBU (Makeshift Bloggers Union)* has officially put down the picket signs and come to an official agreement with the powers that be to return to the blogging world. After not being paid for any of my hard work (the agreed upon contract was 5 cents per blog), we have renegotiated the terms and added additional responsibility into the workflow to ensure that payment will be guaranteed and paid out on a set cadence.

Please submit all ideas for poll questions, as Youtube Polls are now the newest Makeshift Service Offering!

Finally, as I prepare to get back into the business of writing, don't forget to bet on Ben Shelton +900 vs Novak this Thursday. No chance he beats Carlitos in the finals, but consider us Dialed In.

*could also be the Matthew Samuel Brutzman Union, that's my full name and that just happened to work and I'm the only blogger, so that was pretty fun

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