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You Need to Bet Your Entire Life Savings on the Cooper Kupp Receiving Yards Over (legally of course)

Since the first moment the NFL began discussing adding on a 17th game to the regular season, I worried about the integrity of all of the current season records. It seemed like a no brainer that with an extra game, in a league filled with the most elite athletes of all time, it wouldn't take long to see all of the existing records get toppled. And while I was 1000% right, and feel pretty passionately about this, I feel even more passionate about making money.

And that, my friends, is exactly why you need to bet every single dollar you have in your bank account, every asset, and even the assets you can steal from your friends and family, on Cooper Kupp having OVER 117.5 receiving yards this week against the 49ers.

Through 16 games, Kupp currently boasts a cool 138 receptions for 1,829 yards (and 15 touchdowns). With only 136 yards on Sunday, Kupp would become the NFL leader in receiving yards in a single season, besting 2012 Calvin Johnson for the crown. This season, he's had over 117 yards already SEVEN times, and hit the 136 mark on three of those. Side note: he also only needs 12 receptions to pass Michael Thomas as the Season Reception leader, but that's not nearly as flashy and and he only passed that mark once all season.

If that doesn't convince you, the Rams have not yet locked up the division title, so they are actually playing for something and are likely to feed Kupp all game long. So please, I am on my hands and knees begging you to (responsibly) bet as much as you possibly can on Cooper Kupp this weekend.

P.S. It's only fair I share that Kupp carried me to my fantasy championship this year, not to brag.

P.P.S This entire blog was written because I made a meme the other day and don't think enough people are talking about the #WorstBestPlayer of all time, Matt Stafford, being the QB for arguably the two greatest receiving seasons of all time.

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