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There's a New King in Town

Now that we're 10 games into the 2021 NFL Season, we officially have enough gameplay and stats to make hot takes and back them up. Which is why someone needs to bring to light that there is currently a receiver with 994 receiving yards and 5 receiving TD's to go along with a sneaky 137 rushing yards and 3 rushing TD's. On top of that, his team is only 5-5, and his QB is ranked 18th on ESPN's weekly ratings.

So who is this not-yet-a-household-name stud lighting up the stat sheet this year, to little applause? Why, it's the legend himself, Deebo Samuel.

A second round pick in 2019, Deebo joined the team with decently high expectations and caught the world (and Twitterverse) by storm when he set the WR record for rushing yards (a smooth 53) in the Super Bowl loss against the Chiefs.

We all forgot about the rising star due to an unfortunate sophomore slump plagued by injuries, but in the 5 full games he played, he still received 25% of the targets and 10.2 yards per touch (up to 15.3 this year).

And now, we at the Makeshift Project are proud to go on the record admitting that we are all in on Deebo Samuel as the future of the NFL. If Deebo fails, we fail. But since we know he won't fail, it's only right for him to come to the Makeshift Studio and give us his expert opinions on "who would win in a boxing match" or "do you wipe standing or sitting?"

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