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Cam Newton is BACK

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Huge news today coming out of the NFL as former MVP is finding a brand new home as the QB for the Carolina Panthers. With longstanding QB Sam Darnold still out for the the next few weeks with a shoulder injury, the Panthers are in desperate need for someone to come under center and try to potentially save their 4-5 season.

Newton most recently played under legendary New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, so it remains to be seen how Cam will fare under a new regime and on a brand new team like the Carolina Panthers. While Sam Darnold can extend plays with his legs, it’s been a long time since the Panthers have had a QB as mobile as Cam Newton.

With backups PJ Walker and Matt Barkley on the roster, it’s no surprise that the Panthers went to the Free Agent market to find their next leader, especially as they prepare to face the 8-1 Arizona Cardinals. While it may be a big stretch for Cam to learn an entirely new playbook in just a few days, I can pretty confidently say that Cam can rock the blue Panthers jersey better than anyone.

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11 nov. 2021

Thanks for sharing your first post Matt! Excited to see the future blog posts! 😜

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